As we began the discussions with our clients on an exciting new project just outside Washington D.C. she interjected a little side comment that structured the design of the entire home, “I like blue“. The challenge then was to design the interior and exterior of a home that embodied a cool, casual yet sophisticated vibe with just enough blue to satisfy a very savvy client.

The first challenge was to work with the builder and architect to open up a warren of small spaces into an open, livable plan that reflected the family lifestyle. The home was also to be used as a casual entertainment space for business associates and friends.

Once the interior walls were knocked down we saw beautifully open spaces that were perfect for living and parties. Architectural elements were then carefully used to define spaces and create interest and identify function. The subtle grays and pearl tones are dominant throughout the residence, with just a touch of blue. And not just any blue. Blues in the home run the gamut from steel blue to royal blue to azure. It’s like looking at the sky… One minute sky blue the next gray the next every color in between. Always calming and always interesting… That is the definition of the design as one moves from one space to another. An added visual bonus is the eclectic art collection the clients have amassed over the years. Spanning the spectrum from black and sepia photographs to large contemporary abstracts. The frosting on an otherwise perfect cake is the custom chandelier that hangs from the dining room ceiling like a little raindrops… sometimes reflecting just a hint of blue.