For more than two decades, Charlene Kennerknecht has been known for creating refined, beautiful interiors that exhibit a warm and welcoming style.  Her design work reflects her personal aesthetic: a predilection for light, air and space, and her pursuit of both simplicity and refinement.  She places great importance on the quality of furnishings, materials, and finishes.

As HEWN showroom owner Peter West commented recently, “Charlene’s design work exhibits an attention to detail seldom seen from other interior designers.  It’s always a delight to work on MONARCH projects.”

Charlene leads all design projects and is a central figure in all client relationships. Getting to know clients, understanding their needs and preferences, winning their trust, and collaborating with them is at the heart of Charlene’s work, and something she finds particularly rewarding.  The firm’s continuing success is anchored in these long-lasting and valued relationships.  

Charlene spends her free time at her home in Vienna, Virginia with her husband Jim and Annie, a Golden Retriever.

COURTNEY ROGERS - Junior Designer

Courtney was born and raised in a small town in rural Ohio. She graduated in 2016 from Bowling Green State University in Ohio where she majored in Interior Design. She is married to her middle school sweetheart, an Active Duty Marine named John. Courtney and her husband raise their fur child- a labradoodle named Gunner. The Rogers' have been living all over the country the past few years as he follows his dreams and trains to become a fighter pilot. Courtney’s dream has always been to be an Interior Designer- and she is learning everything possible with the help of Charlene. Her work with Monarch Design started back in 2015 when she interned with the company. From then on, she realized Team Monarch is her family and this is where she belongs. 



Growing up on a cattle ranch in Idaho gave Arch Williams an interesting perspective on design and on life. Asked to reflect on his early years, Arch said, “When you grow up on the land you never take things for granted and you learn that if something is going to get done don't look around for someone else to do it. You also learn that relationships are what matter most, and you learn the value of a buck.” So he never takes the easy way. He works hard, values people, respects their hard earned dollar and listens to what they say. Listening to people... really listening is where Arch finds inspiration.

The land also gave Arch an appreciation for color and texture, shadow and light and how nature composes things.... sometimes simply and sometimes very complexly. With so much that is ugly and base in our society Arch feels that his mission is to create spaces where people can live and work that can give them the same feeling of calm or exhilaration that nature can. Arch is found of saying, “Sometimes people want a chair by a quiet stream, and sometimes they want to skydive. The right design can give them those same feelings.”

Having designed hundreds of projects and worked with thousands of people Arch still loves what he does.

DAREN MILLER - Freelance Designer

Daren is originally from Utah where he started his career in the visual merchandising field.  Taking a leap of faith he traveled east to Washington, DC with hopes of a new and rewarding adventure.  In the following 18 plus years, he worked for a national retailer creating window designs, fashion shows, store openings and managing a team of visual designers.   

Daren has always had a love for interior design and a dream of opening his own home store.  This dream became a reality when And Beige opened in 2006.  For 10 years Daren, along with his creative partners, presented And Beige as the go-to spot for many DC designers and also retail shoppers with eclectic taste.  

Daren feels lucky to be a part of the Monarch Design team as a freelancer, helping pull spaces together and offering a second set of eyes on design projects.  Daren’s other interests include painting, writing, and continually exploring all things new in design.