Most of the experiences in our lives are chalked up to serendipity...or so we think. We don't believe in accidents but we do believe in taking an unexpected moment and capitalizing on the seeming randomness of it.

Arch Williams and Charlene Kennerknecht just happened to meet and work on a joint project more than twenty years ago... and as they say, "the rest is history."

Charlene's love of color and texture blended beautifully with Arch's background in architectural history and classic design. The fusion is a unique look that cannot be defined by style or period.

We look at each client as if they were a new country waiting to be explored. We prod and poke to find out who they really are and what they really want. What we find usually surprises them.

We bring the expertise of working on dozens of projects from the highlands of Hawaii, the coast of Carmel, the slopes of Aspen, the banks of the Potomac, and the streets of London.

We love challenges and we will not be categorized into one way of thinking. That's the fun of it! And that's the beauty of great design. That's who we are. We welcome you to that experience.

Our Philosophy

Our history defines who we are. The future allows us to become who we want to become.

Through the design process we take all that you are now and allow you to express what you want to become‚ with a little prodding from us. We like to stretch your design sense just a little. We want you to get out of your comfort zone just a little. We want your home to express that journey.

As you open your front door the curtain is drawn up on your life. You gaze, and others gaze, at who you are. Your love of life is reflected in the books on the table. Your sense of whimsy is on display by the piece of art

that you bought but thought you shouldn’t have. Your desire to be comfortable is noticed in your well-appointed family room that suits your desire to relax but also is a backdrop for your collection of odds and ends collected from around the world.

This is your life. And we, as designers, celebrate it.

We want it to be your home, not ours with you living in it for a while. We listen to what you want and then make it better than you could have imagined.

How We Work

The design process can be daunting. There are thousands of decisions to be made. Enough for even the most experienced client to cower. The process is not to be feared but to be broken down into smaller pieces and conquered. We call it a “Global Plan”. Even if your desire is to do one room, or thirty, we look at each room as it relates to every other. Piece by piece, layer by layer we create a home that is complete. The plan encompasses everything from the shape of the stair rail to trim on the pillow. The details are brought together in one unit that can be understood and better executed. There is no time wasted on reworking

The process is not to be feared but to be broken down into smaller pieces and conquered.

items that were not thought out because we did not understand the relationship between one room and the next. This process has been developed for years and is one that can actually make the process not daunting but enjoyable.