As one takes a turn off the busy "H Street" corridor in Washington DC you will enter one of the famed "alleys" of the Capitol. Historically, DC was designed with hundreds of little capillaries running off the main arteries. The alleys (capillaries) are having a renaissance lately and Linden Court is one of the crown jewels.

Tucked behind one of the theaters in the district sits a row of 19th century townhomes lovingly restored and carefully reinvented. The townhomes are designed with a nod to the past and a full face forward look to the future. A cool palate of greys and whites creates a soft landing place for the owner after the tumult of the work day. Easily discernable areas of function flow effortlessly from one to another starting in a ground level living space with a walled garden to the master suite with a loft sitting room and roof top garden that affords a view of the tops of the monuments of the District.

Being in an artistic area of the city, art is a major focus of the design. Framed easel art in hung throughout the home with a custom wall mural as the headboard in the master bedroom.

The sleek kitchen is another highlight of the home. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, the kitchen is accented by a "French" balcony that looks down on the garden below. A perfect connection between the growing of vegetables below and preparing the food above. An easily sophisticated residence for a busy sophisticated client.